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Daisy Paige Having a Daisy Day! Joined: 11/24/2003
Linkin' Up in Las Vegas – Photo op after the session.
I grew this baby. – Me & Maryann – We're hilarious.

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Woman, 41
student, wifey
Interested in: Old Friends, New People, Keeping In Touch
Calling/Service: Primary teacher 
Ward: Riverton 15th 
Hometown: Toquerville 
School/College: SUU, CSN, UVU 
Occupation: student, wifey 
Companies: SUU, BBS, SkyWest Airlines 
Affiliations/Clubs: ESL refugee tutor 
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Interests: Traveling, the ARTS!!, gardening, reading, cleaning, yoga, wakeboarding, friends/family 
Favorite Music: James, Rusted Root, Jimmy Buffett, Dido 
Favorite Movies: Beauty & The Beast, Fight Club, Zoolander, mostly dramas 
Favorite Books: Janus (a short story by Ann Beattie), Fanny's Dream, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands 
Favorite TV: Discovery Health, TLC 



About Me: Having a Daisy Day!

We're back in Utah and very happy!

Even though it's too cold for my small bones to bear some days, we're finally settled in Riverton and absolutely love it!

Who I'd Like to Meet:

I love to meet new people with whom to have fun and create lovely memories. I love big get-togethers with tons of new faces, and conversing with funny people that keep me laughing.





I LOVE this girl!!!

Daisy Paige is one of those rare people that has it all...she is gorgeous, yet has a good head on her shoulders, crazy and fun, yet keeps things in perspective and maintains balance in her life. She has helped me see things more clearly so many times in my own life. I've always said that she would be my ideal woman...whoever snags this one is a lucky man!!!

From pwny (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)



What can one say...?

Alright, let me say that Daisy Paige is the coolest girl I know. She is the greatest traveling partner of all time, and that's saying a lot for me. For those of us lucky enough to know her, we are truly blessed. And we point at those of you who don't know her and laugh.

From Myxomatosis (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)

 bow chicka bow now  


A woman worth fighting for ...

Many a duel has been fought on her behalf, and I usually come out on top. She is one of the highlights of my linkup experience thusfar - sexy, silly, sweet, sassy, and successful.

From bow chicka bow now (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)



What I love most about Daisy Paige... She's affectionate, her smile is beautiful, and she can admit to having her moments. And most important,,, she has a huge desire to live a more righteous life, and knows of the blessing for doing that! Your man is a lucky guy!

From ViDOSUN (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)

 Daisy's Dream  


I'm her dream man

and she's my dream woman. There's just something about this girl that makes me love her more and more every day. I'm in awe at my good fortune.

From Daisy's Dream (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)



She's normal, too

So everyone on here says "Daisy Paige is so great." "Daisy Paige is so dreamy." Well, I can promise you that yes, she is. But she also has a normal side...the one that gets scared in haunted houses, the one that gets ecstatic over a surprise bouquet of daisies, and the one that craves double fudge brownie ice cream when she's sad. I know her, and to know her is to love her.

So there.

From Marycanna (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)

 Bionic Ian  


One of my newest (bestest) friends...

Daisy Paige dirves a hard bargain. All it took was the promise of her "breathtaking" company and a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper to get me to drive from Denver to Utah to visit.

Paige's smile lights up a room. She is intelligent and feisty. And this girl knows how to transport an electric piano! Looking forward to years of friendship with my Daisy Paige and her fabulous hubby!

From Bionic Ian (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)

 Juan the favorite  


She puts a smile on my face!

I was on my death bed sick yesterday (it was my birthday –yuck!). Daisy Paige called, when I got off the phone, my wife looked at me. She said “Isn’t Daisy Paige wonderful. Look at the smile she put on your face!” I then said, “She is!”

From Juan the favorite (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)

 Prof. Alec Smart®  


IF Wooing was an Art...

I'd be Painting Daisy a picture...course, since I have absolutely NO talent in art...I could just call it abstract!

Our children are destined to one day marry...and then our genetic codes will rule the world!

From Prof. Alec Smart® (Knows Daisy Paige VERY WELL)

 CB Cliff (Katie)  


Daisy Dukes

Miss Daisy Paige was always my example in college of how you could be a cool, fun, interesting, non-traditional girl but still live according to the Gospel. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I am delighted to be able to stay in touch with her!

From CB Cliff (Katie) (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



Better legs than the TV Daisy

Not only will she take you to the mats on this fact, she's got photographic evidence to back her up. Whoops ... maybe I wasn't supposed to say that.

From Dainon. (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



Daisy Paige is smart, funny, helpful, ambitious, and always up for an adventure. I never saw her without a smile on her face. If you're ever around her you'll feel her enthusiasm for life, people, and happiness!

From Sheri10 (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)

 Gathering Osiris  


A Daisy By Any Other Name....

Daisy is by far one of the most amazing people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Never a dull moment, and you will not find anyone who loves Daisys AND Life more.

From Gathering Osiris (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



daisy paige is darlin' as darlin' comes! she cherishes everything about her, is genuine through and through, and oh so fun to be gal pals with. she shines!

From hlr (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)

 Sugarmama Pants  



Daisy Paige is a beautiful, wonderful woman. And she is my soul sister! I will love this girl for EVER and EVER! And if she ever needs my back, I will be there in a heartbeat, or quicker!

From Sugarmama Pants (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)

 Bob Wiyadabebe-Iytsaboi  


Daisy Paige isn't perfect

Don't let her stuff you with chicken quesadillas unless you don't mind there being vegetables inside. That's probably her only flaw. She's an excellenté hostess. And it's no coincidence that she and Dr. Pepper share the same initials. Not that I have any idea what the significance of that is, but... wait a sec... I think she's some sort of conspiracy ringleader. Don't let her "accidentally" leave her leave-in conditioner and hairbrush in the bathroom.

From Bob Wiyadabebe-Iytsaboi (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)

 • • • BestDotGuy • • •  


Smart and Funny!

Daisy Paige is a lot of fun; her quick wit and lively personality add a spark of life to all the discussions she joins in. She has thoughtful and original ideas that make you look forward to hearing from her. She makes me smile. When she pokes fun at you, she has the ability to do so in a tasteful and enjoyable way.

From • • • BestDotGuy • • • (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



I'd go out with her if I was a guy.

I'd go out with her if she was into girls, too. I want to braid her hair into mine and create a bestdaisy© ponytail for us to swing from.

I mostly don't like people.
But I like Daisy.

From bestsariah© (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



My little Easter egg

Paige. One doesn't sum up Daisy Paige and one doesn't attempt to quantify 3 of all of her attractive characteristics. She's just to be enjoyed. Daisy Paige is one of those people that once enters your life, you really don't want to let go of. I mean, it's been a long time since I've talked to her, but I've never been able to take her off my address book. Had I not been broke and embarrassed by my unemployed life at the time, I would have definitely spent more time with her. She's so cute and so much fun, you just want to keep her in your pocket. And is worth trying to keep up with.

From Tricks96 (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



A Real Daisy Paige Turner

I met DaisyDaisy Paige at a linkup dinner at the Bombay House in Salt Lake City, one night in mid-December. I was not prepared for all that she is. She was vivacious, energetic, friendly, and she made an excellent chocolate cake for desert. She was concerned that everyone in attendance had a good time - she's just that way.

She's very photogenic, but I have to say that DaisyDaisy Paige is in all honesty one of the prettiest persons I've ever met in person.

I know she is going to be one of my best friends. She's my type to a T.

From *Di* (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



A true classic

I have now dueled for this womans affections twice with the same man! The first was a fish duel with trouts being chosen as the fish of choice. It was brutal with lots of scales a flying. Rainbows German Browns Lake and Brook trout all made an appearance. I lost this battle and to the victor went the spoils of backup in case she ever becomes single again.

Lo' these many months I have still pined to be the backup and was challenged to a new duel over valentines weekend. My advesary chose celery as the weapon of choice. He wanted to shame me again and make sure there was never a chance to be the backup. This time I fought bravely throwing caution to the wind and won the fair maidens backup position! Tis' truly and honor ma' lady to be your humble servant.

Truly I do adore this sweet woman and hope we can continue to make our friendship grow and have fun together being goof balls :)

From Beezenants! (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)

 Voted most likely ...  


Cute as a button

Okay, I have to admit that Daisy Paige is as cute as a button. But, she is married to one of my best friends. So, I have to just sit and be envious. ha ha

Actually, this chica is one awesome mama. She is so fun and exciting. And, now she is part of the family!

From Voted most likely ... (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)

 The Llama  


Maybe her next marriage...

She'll marry John E Boi and I'll get to be her fake brother in law.

Course, he'd have to get divorced too.

Wow. This whole thought process is destructive.

She's got pearly whites!

From The Llama (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



go T-BIRDS! :)

I haven't seen Daisy Paige since college, but I know she is the biggest sweetheart! We had some great times in classes like news writing and comm theory. Wow, are we glad those days are long gone with all the homework or what!? I hope that Daisy Paige is still doing wonderfully well! I adore her!!

From "Lizard" (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



How do you stand up a woman that's married???

I don't know...

But I do know this: She makes excellent cheesecake!!! And she is nothing but class. You need to get to know this woman. Your life well be better for it!

From ProvoBoy© (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



Went to high school with this woman... and WHAT a woman she is! I truly adore her and her fun laugh and personality. You must count yourself lucky to be considered her friend. She rocks!

From SDG (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



Too much of a girl

Yeah, that's right. Esquivel put it so well. Even though Daisy Paige knew me in my awkward, chubbier than I am now stage (ah SUU, what memories) she has remained my friend. And all her original LDS Linkup pals-the ones from the early days-would be proud to know she finally hooked me into the Linkup world. I'm glad to count her hubby as a friend now as well. FYI-they are great hosts.

Mucha Muchacha!

From E-Dawg (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



Paige, Daisy Paige, Daisy Paige

where shoudl i start. conversations in your and kyle's office at school. coming by your house three doors down from mine. or hanging out with good old jed. love that boy. but all i have to say about paige is that she is an amazing girl. she's spunky, funny, intelligent and beautiful. she's an honest girl and someone that holds her friendships close to her. i wish that i had the chance to get to know her better at school, but what i saw of and got to know she is amazing.

From Jennifer455 (Knows Daisy Paige MODERATELY WELL)



Daisy is sweet, looks out for others, and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Shout out to the small town UT girls!

From Sherpa (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)



Daisy Paige is AWESOME.

I met Daisy Paige in my singles ward. She is such a sweetie and so fun to be around. She has a great personality and is always smiling. You are AWESOME Daisy Paige!!

From sweetutahn (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)



She is wonderful! She made me a birthday cake and she never met me. Great cook by the way! She knows people very well and know what they need to hear.

From BeatlesDiva (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)

 Obi-Jahn Kenobi  


Definitely not Daisy Duke

Daisy Paige is way better. Lots funnier, lots smarter, and lots cuter. She even manages to look great eating chocolate cake. I wish she'd post more, 'cause she always makes me smile.

From Obi-Jahn Kenobi (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)

 Daisy Adrean  


Would you light my candle...

So, I've been singin' that for DAYS now, thanks to you...

Anyway, I'm proud to say that I know Daisy Paige. Anyone who shares the namesake HAS to be rockin', and I can say in all honestly that this girl done did rock it. She's super sweet, and very, very thoughtful. Love her!

From Daisy Adrean (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)



So close yet So far ..

I remember noticing Daisy Page the first time I ventured to linkup. In my eyes she's one of the originals. She doesn't post on teh boards as much now, but when she does, I still take note.

I'm sure one day we HAVE to meet.

She's enjoyable, fun, kind, intelligent. One of the people on linkup who's opinions are worth considering.

I would say to all you guys out there to get a hold of her .... but .... she's married ! hah ! you missed out suckahs ..

From ~Happy~Vegemite~ (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)



the smile that never quits

her smile is totally contagious! she was my sunday school buddy until i got called to wrangle the rugrats. paige is so giving and full of fun facts. and we have fun times watching grey's anatomy. :)

From katz_eyes (Knows Daisy Paige NOT THAT WELL)



Food: Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vegetarian, Seafood 
Vacation: Relaxing at the beach, Seeing the sights in Europe, Shopping in New York, Cruising the Caribbean 
Friday Night: Dancing, Opera/symphony/theater, Cooking for friends, Half-court seats, Party, Group date 
Saturday Morning: Hot chocolate and papers, Sleeping in, Country drive 

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