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King Arthur Life is an adventure! Joined: 8/21/2004
Zach – nephews are great, yeah? Missy – this beautiful little girl is bound for greatness, afterall, she's my niece!



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Man, 41
Student & Business Owner
Interested in: Old Friends, New People, Keeping In Touch
Mission: Taejon Korea  '97-'99 
MTC Dates: 6/97 - 8/97 
Calling/Service: Clean Hands Chair 
Ward: BYU 208 
Hometown: Springville, UT 
School/College: School of Life...& UVSC 
Occupation: Student & Business Owner 
Companies: ioVentures Inc, NationalCommercialFunding.com, Yard Game Central, Mendenhall Creative 
Affiliations/Clubs: Book Club, Spedo Club, Dashing Gents Club, I'm Scared to Wear Spedos Support Group 
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Interests: Hiking, biking, geocaching, running, writing, loving, learning & music. 
Favorite Music: Groban, Brightman, Gershwin, Debussy, Jack Johnson, James & Ben Taylor, Beatles, Tim McGraw, and anything else you can throw at me but Eminem 
Favorite Movies: Crouching Tiger, Batman Begins, Swing Kids, Little Women, Narnia, Newsies 
Favorite Books: Anything with pictures...Suess takes the cake. 
Favorite TV: CSPAN & The Cosby Show 



About Me: Life is an adventure!

I like to run, glutton for torture I guess. I have a strong creative streak and if you can get it out of me then we're friends! BFF I would say.

I LOVE two way conversations. I love to read and love to make food for people. Gimme a recipe and I'll whip it up for ya. I love good cinema and am picky when it comes to seeing movies.

I love to write. Check out my blog at: http://www.ryanmendenhall.com/blog or my Facebook Profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=203003202

Who I'd Like to Meet:

I'd like to meet anyone that would give me the chance to exhibit the qualities expressed here on this profile. I'd also like to meet people who are interested in letting me get to know them. I'm not afraid to let someone know me, as long as I sense their interest. You get out of me what you bring into it.





Luffed Friend

I've only known Ryan about 10 earth years, but from the moment we met in the Orem Institute, I knew we'd been friends much longer than that. :) Ryan is a friend to all and I luff him.

From Alisha66 (Knows King Arthur VERY WELL)

 Mrs. M  


DJ Jazzy Jazz

Ryan makes me laugh! Whether watching a movie, talking, playing music or goofing around on the computer, time with Ryan is fun. He is outgoing and friendly with everyone and values friendship.

From Mrs. M (Knows King Arthur VERY WELL)



From Peter140 (Knows King Arthur VERY WELL)



Sail Away

Ryan is tops. What a good friend. He has always made me feel like gold. Ryan is kind, thoughtful, cute, smart, and hard working. In fact a deserted Island sounds pretty good sometimes, as long as Ryan is on it:)

From Shoni51 (Knows King Arthur VERY WELL)



KingArthur truly is Royalty

Even though KingArthur is royalty, he'd give you the shirt right off his back. He would/does do anything for anyone,(except NCMO).
He loves to make people laugh, and it's a good thing too, because he has a gift.
He does great voice impersonations of Homestar Runner characters and he can name movie quotes with the best of them (me).
He's very talented (singing, choosing CD's that pertain to real life situations, making curry, and much more). He's all in all, just a spectacular person, and a great friend.

From Desiree66 (Knows King Arthur VERY WELL)



Love the guy!

How on earth could I not? If you're looking for some good laughs, a great time, or if you just want to feel good about yourself, look no further. Kingarthur is quite the package. Love the guy!

From brenchdawg78 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



watch out for that pole!

King Arthur is one with pole. The best memory I have is seeing him with a fat lip and all banged up after having walked straight on into a pole. I could think of at the time is either, he must have been walking really fast, or that must have been one big pole. missionary memories...

King Arthur was a great friend and a better example. He's sweet, considerate, he is always thinking of others and he is quite the gentleman.

From MOh (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



Liv'n large the Utah way!

King Arthur is one of the best people I know to hang out with and lift your spirit. Watch out, he'll make you play kube even in the rain. Oh man, that was the best summer yet. King Arthur, I miss you! When I come up, we better hang out.

From ~Rachel~ (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



He is Carazy!!!

Ryan and I are in the same ward. He is a fun person and has a way of making you laugh all the time.

From vix (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



Someone who brightens your day!

Ryan has the brightes smile ever, it's like you see a sunshine. He is always happy, even when he walks on crutches. He is kind,spiritual and ready to serve anytime you need him.

From mignardise (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



my hero!!!

King Arthur is the fastest, strongest, funniest guy I know. And what a sweetie. And have we mentioned that he's ridiculously good looking?! Look no further ladies, your dreams have come true!!!

From Lissa909 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



Ryan rocks!!! He's like the best guy that i know!! He always makes me laugh and if you need someone to talk to he is the best listener. He is nothing else but original and anyone would be a fool not to meet this wonderful man.

From stefanie66 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



What can I say? Ryan's the BEST! He definitely makes me laugh, even when I don't think I could. He's sweet, full of personality, and can keep his own in a conversation.

From Courto99 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



Two Words--Funny.

Since there are already a bunch of comments from girls about 'Arthur' I thought I would put in my two cents worth from a guys perspective. He is hilarious, knows how to set goals and work until he achieves them, and he has the talent of always keeping a good attitude. He is a good friend to have.

From DanMan (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)

 Karen Balla79  


Is there a rank higher that of a King???...

Because Ryan would definatly be in the running! Ryan is amazing!! Not just because he is ridiculously GOOD LOOKING but because he has a spirituality that is unmatched!! He is A-Maz-Ing!!!! He is the sweetest guy ever created! I just wish he didn't think I am such a nerd and we could hang out!! :( J/K Loves ya!

From Karen Balla79 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



King of Bacci

King Arthur is a smart entrepreneur and a great hometeacher, among other things. He is a master of bacci ball. If you don't know what that is, ask him out! I hear he is also a bit romantic. King recently broke up with someone he was serious about, and could use a friend, if not an even better relationship, IMO. He will make you laugh, and knows how to have a good time.

From JedM (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



King Arthur is an amazing friend! I love that he can always make me laugh everyone time I see him. He has a great sense of humor, and is very smart and a successful business man. He is a great person who loves the Lord very much.

From Rebecca379 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)

 Like Lightning  


Look at that smile....

He lives a happy life...others want to be around him just to bask in the rays of his light:)

From Like Lightning (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)

 happy camper  



King Arthur is very thoughtful. He is chivalrous, seriously, he makes you feel like a princess. He's spiritually grounded. He's hilarious. He's friends with everyone. An all-around great guy.

From happy camper (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)

 Christian H  


He's a go-getter… a entrepreneur with a golden heart. He's a true optimist and a truer friend. Even without the supermodel smile, he'd be worth your giving him a try.

From Christian H (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



The Joker

King Arthur knows just how to make you feel welcomed and loved. He has a great sense of humour and a spritely personality. He is easy to talk to and makes you forget your worries. We need more people like him.

From lotsoffun78 (Knows King Arthur MODERATELY WELL)



Food: Italian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Seafood 
Vacation: Relaxing at the beach, Skiing in the mountains, Seeing the sights in Europe, Tasting the food in Asia, Cruising the Caribbean 
Friday Night: Opera/symphony/theater, Pizza and a video, Cooking for friends, Lecture and dessert, Group date 
Saturday Morning: Sunrise walk, Leisurely work out, Country drive 
Pets: Dog 

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