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HighlanderOne D&C 14:7 Joined: 3/2/2006
Me and Coober – I rescued this dog from being road kill at Inver Grove Heights, MN. He was very tame and extremely polite and well trained. A handsome 9 year old brown labrador. His family came for him a week later and I returned him to them.
Sunny day... – I stare at a bright future, or at the grandiosity of The Creation...



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Man, 53
Linux System Administrator
Just Helping Out
Calling/Service: Home Teacher 
Ward: Centreville 2nd 
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil 
School/College: Objetivo, UNIP, FMU (SP-BR) 
Occupation: Linux System Administrator 
Companies: ACS (Xerox)., Former Silicon Graphics Inc. (now SGI), Unisys Corp 
Affiliations/Clubs: http://BerniniPereira.com 
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Interests: Lord the Father and His Heavenly Kingdom, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Hiking. Traveling. Some radical sports such as airplane acrobatics. Rainforests. I just love driving. Martial Arts. Live performances. Dinning out. Museums, must visit them all! Improving myself in every aspect. 
Favorite Music: Riverdogs, Vivian Campbell, Rob Lamothe, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Van Hallen, Robben Ford, Whitesnake, Richie Kotzen, Glenn Huges, Stevie Ray Vaughan 
Favorite Movies: Shine, The Ten Commandments (1956), X-Men 
Favorite Books: The Scriptures 
Favorite TV: Smallville, M*A*S*H, Fringe, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Star Trek the Original Series 



About Me: D&C 14:7

I am loyal and caring of my friends. Among my hobbies I like photography, art, and live performances. I also used to fly small airplanes for sport. I study and play electric guitar in popular styles such as rock, blues and pop. I appreciate spending time in the outdoors and watching good movies. I strive to find harmony in my life, and I work very hard to accomplish my objectives.





Romantic, Sweet, and Passionate

HighlanderOne...the name says it all. There can be only ONE. He is a wonderful man, all of the above. Romantic, sweet, and passionate about life, love, and his beliefs. He is very caring about his family and friends, and the best, loyal friend a woman could hope for, and be lucky to have. That Brazilian/Italian combination is completely irresistable. He is someone very near and dear to my heart. And who better to share an adventure with...? Remember, Highlander? I'll never forget...

From redhed42 (Knows HighlanderOne VERY WELL)


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